Medical carriers-drones will start working in Switzerland


The courier network, consisting of drones, can help in a variety of situations. And we are talking not only about the delivery of any trinkets, bought at popular online shopping sites, but also about more important things. For example, about saving lives or delivering the right medicines or donor blood and organs to where they are in desperate need. To this end, Matternet is preparing to launch its own network of medical drones-couriers, connected to a single cloud system.

By the end of 2017 the company is going to establish small networks that will link district hospitals, laboratories and trauma centers in the cities of Switzerland.

The developers report that the entire process of collecting and delivering cargo will be fully automated, so hospitals do not have to keep specialists in the staff serving unmanned aerial vehicles. For example, to send samples for analysis, the doctor will simply need to place them in a special container and call the drone application for the smartphone. Scan a special QR code and send the container for loading. The rest is a matter of technique. Dron will pick up the parcel and deliver it to the address, notifying in advance the recipients of his arrival.

The program that will manage the drones, along with the optimal route and select the device with the charged batteries for the task. The developers of the Matternet system assure that such a method of delivery will help not only to improve the efficiency of doctors and save more lives, but also will save money that hospitals usually spend on transportation of tests, other samples and donor blood.


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