Knightscope introduced new security bots


Developers from the Silicon Valley have long been engaged in the creation of robot-guards. Their first autonomous cars looked more like a big garbage can with wheels, but at the same time they coped well with patrolling the territories entrusted to them. Now the company has introduced two new models of robot-guards. One of which is a stationary bot K1. The second novelty is the K7 self-contained rover on four wheels.

The speed of the rover is limited to five kilometers per hour, but a leisurely pace allows K7 to fulfill its assigned tasks of patrolling the terrain. In addition, it is equipped with a whole set of sensors and cameras, with which it collects the necessary information, and then sends it to the operator.

The stationary bot K1 represents a modern and technological rethinking of the familiar metal detector frames, which are installed in places of large concentrations of people. The developers report that the K1 is much better able to cope with the task, scanning passers-by and revealing metal objects, so it is likely that soon they will replace the usual metal detectors in hospitals, train stations and airports.

Knightscope rents out its security bots for rent. The cost of new products has not yet been reported, but it is known that buying and maintaining such robots does not cost much more than living guards, and patrolling premises and streets, identifying potential criminals and immediately reporting suspicions to the dispatcher, they can be no worse than people. However, even one of them is enough to make a potential criminal suddenly change his mind about doing something illegal. Who knows what this metal thing will do in the next second?


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