Ilon Mask: our Tesla Semi “will take you to the brain!”


The promised October demonstration of the truck Tesla fell through for a number of reasons, so I had to carry it for a couple of weeks. But because of this transfer a lot of interesting things happened. For example, someone photographed an allegedly finished truck and posted pictures on the Web. Now Mask promised nothing more to endure and set a new date for the presentation – November 16.

Announcement Ilon Mask made on Twitter, where he wrote that a new truck, which Tesla will show the other day, “will explode the brain and take it to a parallel dimension.”

As for the official information about the technical features of the truck, they are kept secret for the time being, so we will not see anything other than a couple of taken pictures and dozens of renders done until Thursday.

Nevertheless, Mask repeatedly stressed that his team is able to create a powerful and modern truck that can travel long distances.


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