Chinese truck “Tianzhou-1” descended from orbit and burnt in the atmosphere


Yesterday, the Chinese cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1, under the control of the Chinese Mission Control Center, proceeded to a controlled descent from orbit. It started with two braking maneuvers, after which the Tianzhou-1 began to decline continuously, and then entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and burned down. This is reported by the state television of China CCTV.

The cargo ship “Tianzhou-1” was launched from the Wenchang cosmodrome and delivered fuel for refueling to the Chinese space laboratory. After the docking and refueling of the station, “Tianzhou-1” started to fulfill its main task – working out the docking with the station and refueling in different scenarios.

In total, three dockings and refueling were carried out, the last of which took place on September 18 and was successful. After that, the ship spent several days in orbit, and then was destroyed.

In the future, China plans to continue to send such trucks to its station. “Tianzhou-1” is able to carry up to five tons of cargo on board, and this opportunity is sure to come in handy in the future, when Chinese experts will create a full-fledged space station on the basis of the laboratory.


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