Virgin Galactic invites to a space tour in virtual reality



The main business of Virgin Galactic is commercial space flights and scientific research. Recently, the company together with the browser Microsoft Edge is actively working on the creation of a new site, optimized for mobile devices.

With the help of devices of mixed reality Windows users will be able to be transported into space into near-earth orbit in 2D, 3D and WebVR formats. Thus, Virgin Galactic began to create a space travel industry. Among the VR tours presented on the site are excursions to WhiteKnight Two and VSS Unity. Go to a space trip can even without a special headset – in 3D.

Microsoft Edge is not the only browser with built-in VR functions. Google developed its VR-version for Google Chrome with the “proprietary” Daydream VR headset. Samsung and Oculus, who created their browsers to process information with WebVR, were not left out.


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