Scientists of NASA are going to send a fragment of Mars back to Mars



At present, there are about 200 confirmed samples on the Earth from the planet Mars and soon one of them will return to the native planet. This is a fragment of the meteorite Sayh al-Uhaimir 008 (SaU008), which is several million years old. It will become part of the calibration system for a new research laser within the framework of the mission of Mars-2020.

On the now-rougher red planet, the rovers Curiosity have a coin in one American penny in 1909. Along with the color palette and depth calibration templates, it is needed to adjust the instrument’s instruments. The first time it is conducted on the Earth on specific labels, and then they are sent to the mission along with the rover, so that at any time it was possible to calibrate the measuring instruments.

One of the useful devices Mars-2020 will be a laser scanner “SHERLOC” . It works with very large scaling and any interference becomes a problem. Therefore, scientists are so important to achieve an ideal calibration, for which they took an analog of what the tool will work on Mars – a fragment of the Martian meteorite.

The main task of the new scanner is to find carbon compounds that need to be made fluorescent in order to study the spectrogram and draw conclusions about the presence of organic matter in Martian rocks. It is important to learn how to work with the surface texture – having perfected the technology on Earth, NASA researchers will send Sayh al-Uhaimir 008 to Mars to constantly recheck their findings. This sample is chosen because it is one of the few that is strong enough to survive the journey to Mars.



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