Dron Cleo – an unusual copter with just two screws


Cleo Robotics

When Canadian engineers Omar Eleriyan and Simon Kzarnota first lifted commercial UAV into the sky, they were unpleasantly surprised by its large size, complexity of management and the potential danger of its use. After reflection, they created their own version of the drone – Cleo, which is somewhat like a donut.

Recently, visitors to the exhibition CES-2018 were able to meet him. Cleo is equipped with an HD-camcorder, easily fits in your pocket and is controlled via the application on your smartphone.

From his many brothers, small drones, Cleo is distinguished by a “non-flying” scheme: he only has two screws that are housed inside a round rubber casing. Lattices on the top and bottom make it completely safe to operate. The battery lasts for 12-15 minutes.

The creators expect that Cleo will be in demand not only by amateur users, but also in the security sphere.



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