Misty: The first robot for programmers


To date, there is no longer one robot that can be programmed with a set of pre-existing commands even for people who do not have special training. However, Sphero company at the CES 2018 exhibition decided to present something new: a robot with broad capabilities, for which you only need to know the basics of JavaScript.

The robot Misty I is equipped with three microphones and operates on the basis of two Snapdragon processors. In addition, “on board” the robot carries an LCD display, a USB port and a camera for recognizing faces and surrounding objects. The main distinguishing feature of the robot is that most of the parts are located “on the robot” and not inside the body. In other words, almost all components of the device have direct access.

On the head of the robot there is a sensor, working as a sonar and designed to draw a map of the surrounding space, on the back there is a universal board for the installation of any additional components. In addition, the developers say that Misty I will be equipped with caterpillars (now it moves with wheels).

To configure the robot uses an API that works in JavaScript, which will allow you to develop a lot of applications and presets for the device. Deliveries of the first robots are planned for February 2018. Moreover, by the end of this year, the authors are planning to release a second version of the robot Misty, and then create on the basis of existing models a full-featured assistant for home and office.


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