In Sweden, opened a museum of failed gadgets


Not every product, even the most revolutionary, according to its creators, is able to survive in the conditions of strict market competition. So it turns out that sometimes even very advanced gadgets and other electronic devices break out and quickly fade in the market, and in a couple of years no one remembers them. Samuel West opened a unique museum in Helsingborg, Sweden, where he exhibited the most interesting, in his opinion, devices that at one time “did not fire . ” He managed to realize a real journey into the past.

The first portable tablet Apple Newton, the cumbersome communicator TeleGuide, a huge number of all kinds of smartphones that never managed to become “iPhone killers”, Google Glass glasses , Microsoft Zune player, Nintendo Virtual Boy, a disposable DVD with movies that became unusable after the first viewing, Rejuvenique Tonning Mask mask, using electric discharges for face lifting. All these devices at one time seemed incredibly attractive and interesting, but for one reason or another they did not win the hearts of consumers and as a result remained forgotten on the roadside of the market.

The museum features not only gadgets, but also products such as table games such as Monopoly, based on the business empire of Donald Trump, a bicycle almost completely made of plastic, and even a futuristic Ford car. Here you can find various food products like “green ketchup” Heinz or low-fat chips Pringles. Toothpaste Colgate with a taste of lasagne could hardly be liked by buyers, as well as Coca-Cola BlāK with a taste of coffee. We suggest you watch a video in which the founder of the museum tells about some of his exhibits.


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