Sberbank tested the delivery of money by drones


What Sberbank talked about for so long was finally accomplished. Specialists of the bank began to test the collector drones, with the help of which in the future it is supposed to deliver money. The fact that drones will begin to experience in the near future, a month ago, said the deputy chairman of the bank Stanislav Kuznetsov.

He said that the first tests will be held in Kazan in a month, the results of which will make it clear whether the idea is viable, or whether drones are too early to master such an important profession.

Today, the first deputy chairman of Sberbank, Lev Khasis, informed himself on Facebook that the drone of the savings bank for the first time delivered cash from the cashier to the car of the collectors. Together with the cargo, the drone flew about ten kilometers at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Khasis congratulated the team of the Center for Management of Cash and Money Circulation of Sberbank and noted that the tests will continue.

Earlier it was reported that Sberbank tried to use drones and to deliver bank cards to customers, but after several attempts, experts decided to abandon the idea, explaining that by the time such a method is inexpedient.


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