Patches from Specter and Meltdown Vulnerabilities for Windows “break” computers with AMD


Microsoft has released security updates that address the vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Specter, which affect almost all processors that were released since 1995, but had to withdraw them because of complaints from users of AMD-based devices. After installing patch KB4056892, computers simply stopped loading.

The patch was withdrawn after the forum Microsoft noted that after installing the patch, the system stops working, “freezing” on the splash screen with the Windows logo.

AMD processors are vulnerable only to Specter attacks, which allows attackers to elevate privileges in the system, and then access data from applications launched by other users. Fortunately, AMD is not affected by the Meltdown vulnerability, which affects the kernel as well.

Now Microsoft does not send updates to computers running AMD, in passing trying to solve the problem together with the developers of the equipment. Those whose equipment affected the unsuccessful update are advised to contact the Microsoft support forums, promising to help restore computers to working order.


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